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Special Thanks to:
Barbados Tourism Authority &
Golden Sands Hotel for
Crew Accommodations and Meals

Tricia, Angela and Tom

Angela and Tom at the Golden Sands Hotel

Deb would like to thank....
Jan, Gary, Krystal, Nate and Ashley of Krysnatash Investments for making us feel like part of their family at SunGold House.  I will be returning to this Amazing, Wheelchair accessible, Home.

SunGold House

Roc Expedition

Big Blue Row

World Record Attempt

Big Blue and her crew of 16 will depart Morocco in early January 2011 and arrive in Barbados less than 33 days later to claim the fastest Atlantic crossing by OAR.  No motors or sails, Big Blue is entirely human powered.  The crew of 16 will row 2 hours on and 2 hours off, for the nearly 800 hours they are at sea.  They will be rowing non-stop and unsupported!

The crew will be leaving Marina Agadir, Morocco on Saturday, January 8, 2011. They will be rowing to Tarfaya, Morocco where they will start their World Record Attempt.  They need to Arrive in Port St. Charles, Barbados within 35 days 6 hours of their start from Tarfaya.  Watch for a new countdown when they leave Tarfaya!


Latest News

They are not to the yacht club yet.  Winds, blah, blah.....still another 2 or 3 hours.  Trying to get people to entertain you on the webcam.

Big Blue Crossed the Finish Line at North Point at 12:49AM Barbados time (3/3--11:49PM EST) Should be at the yacht club sometime after 2am Barbados time watch the webcam, I'll start waving at you after 2am!
9:30PM winds lessen..moving faster..ETA North Point 12am.  Unknown if coming or waiting until dawn.  We vote come in. Yacht club 1:30-3AM if we win.

6PM--They are getting winds that are blowing them north.  They don't want to go North because they are afraid the will not be able to correct their course and get south to Port St Charles.  They have to cross the finish and touch land.  If they get north they risk being blown beyond the island.  They do not have to put out the paranchor as the winds are light enough to allow them to move west, but it has slowed them down.  They are moving about 1.8 knots with 16 nautical miles to go.  That means about 9 more hours to North Point and 2 more to Port St Charles.  The readings were from 6pm so doing the math 3am to North Point and 5 am to Port St Charles....barring any speed changes.  I am waiting for another call from Angela.  Additionally, the ORS website is updating their progress every two hours.  Angela is estimating arrival at the yacht club at 7am


I spoke with Angela tonight about 7pm.  She said they had 68.8 nautical miles to go (that is nearly 80 reg miles) to the North Point finish line. They have done about 70 miles a day, but have slowed down a bit.  My best GUESS at this point is between 10p, and Midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.  I will be updating tomorrow throughout the day.  After they cross the North Point, it should take about 2 hours to get to Port St. Charles.
I have arrived in Barbados!  I caught up on all the Guestbook messages/sending them to the boat.  Pics & Blog coming soon. I forgot my sat phone at home. The phone # at Barbados Apt is 1 246 439 2822.  PS:I can see the beach and all the windows are open so we can feel the Fabulous Bajan Breeze!

Big Blue Crew is being provided rooms by the Barbados Tourism Authority.  They are also offering rooms to friends and family at a discounted rate.  Email me ( for more details.  Visit their website(click logo above), it is fabulous! Watch the videos!
Big Blue has slowed a bit.  It is a weather problem, well lack of wind pushing them.  The wind is supposed to pick up a little tonight. New arrival estimates....65mi/day=3/5 if they can get 75mi/day it will be 3/3.  Don't forget to keep checking the blog.  I put up about 200 more departure pictures on Photobucket yesterday Photobucket departure album and 150 launch photos in the Big Blue Agadir Album
Big Blue is cruising along.  The families are making travel plans to Barbados.  2 more weeks!
Big Blue has passed the half way point.  There are several new blogs.  Sat phone is charging again thanks to the Iridium FAQ staff.  Click on Blog Tab above.
Hallin Marine and Sara G have arrived in Barbados.  The new World Record Holder is Sara G.  They beat the record that Hallin' Marine held for about 15 hours.  My new ETA for Big Blue is between 3/1 and 3/10/11.
The Bad News is the Sat phone is having charging problems again and I am not able to send messages to the boat again. 

The Good News is the boat is moving along toward Barbados at about 85 miles a day.  We are now looking at the first week of March.  The crew is excited about the progress and are all well.  Despie reports I have seen to the contrary, Morale is high on the boat

There are 3 new mini blogs by Sylvain, Ryan and Margaret on the Big Blue Row Blog.  Click on the tab at the top of this page.
The Guestbook has hit 150 entries!  To send a message to the crew via guestbook, click on the guestbook page above and fill at form on the bottom of the page. Crew likes the messages!

Spot has not tracked for hours I sent a message to the boat requesting a battery change.

The wind has started blowing the right direction and Big Blue is moving!  Angela set a waypoint at 8pm and 23 hours later they had gone 101 nautical miles (116 miles) in 23hours! 
Despite what it looks like....Big Blue is not heading toward Africa intentionally.  Big Blue is on Para Anchor waiting out the winds.  The first day they lost 21 miles being blown back by the wind.  They threw out the Para Anchor and only lost 3 miles.  The winds are supposed to change soon, so hopefully they will be working their way toward Barbados again.
 New pics of the departure on Photobucket

Big Blue Crew in Agadir

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